The Lucrative World of Microblading

The Lucrative World of Microblading


The Lucrative World of Microblading


Do you want to learn a revolutionary new beauty technique that can make you a ton of money? Whether you are already in the beauty business or just getting started or just looking for a way to make money, ANYONE can learn how to Microblading! Read on to learn more!


The Good News

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, the good news is that we now offer Microblading classes! Our classes are available on a variety of schedules for your convenience. We offer a super-short course that lasts only three days. If you want more lengthy education, we also have courses that take seven days. It all depends on what you are willing to do and the time you have.  


All of our microblading classes offer the same high quality instruction. We provide hands on instruction in the Microblading technique with live models to work with. This instruction includes tattoo correction lessons. We also provide life support even after you complete your class as well as a satisfaction guarantee. You will not find all of this at any other microblading academy out there.


The Better News

The best news is that this amazing procedure, Microblading, can earn you an extra $ 30,000 per month or more - if you know what to do. I think an extra $ 30,000 per month would make anyone sit up and take note! I know I could use that much extra money every month!


Let me explain how you can make that much extra money. As I mentioned before, a standard microblading session costs something in the range of $ 450 to $ 800. Each of those sessions takes about two hours to complete. If you happen to be the certified technician who performs this procedure for people, you are earning anywhere from $ 225 to $ 400 an hour. Subtract your cost of supplies - about $ 25.00 per treatment - and you're still looking at $ 200 per hour or more. As a technician trained and certified through our microblading classes courses, you can perform this miracle on two clients per day. At that rate, you are earning up to $ 3200 every day that you work. In a full week - five days per week, only four hours per day - you could make $ 16,000 every single week! What other part time job would you pay THAT much money? I can not think of a single one! I can not even think of a lot of full time jobs that pay that well!

So, What's Next?

If you are already in the beauty business, come check us out! If you are already a tattoo artist, come take a look! We can give you more to offer your clients. If you want to learn something new, come see us! We can get you started. Just browse our website for more information on how to get started with Microblading classes and start earning TONS of extra money! Just jump on board for all the tools you need to start earning $ 30,000 per month or more!

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