Last will management in lendwish

Last will management in lendwish
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They die every day in the world thousands of people quite unexpectedly. This causes the loved ones do not have easy access to all the information necessary for hereditary procedures, or even worse have absolute ignorance about the existence of life insurance contracted by the deceased, accounts and positions in financial and insurance companies, rental of safes and furniture stores information related to their personal financial position (leases and sale of real estate ...) and vital information about their business or professional level.

       The result of all this causes at least a significant delay of inherited procedures, along with a huge amount of life insurance that ultimately are not charged for their beneficiaries; positions in financial institutions and insurance companies that are waiting to be claimed by the heirs to the ignorance of the existence of these thereof; safes that are not transferred to his legal heirs; and significant economic losses caused by the delay or inability to access financial or business relating to the deceased professionally vital information.

     In lendwish we offer the possibility to avoid such problems, we provide a base absolutely confidential personal data, which you can enter at any time any information or document both personal and professional that it considers relevant to its loved ones from recognizing the event of death as well as the ability to customize the delivery mode and designate different recipients for each information.

     We offer different possibilities of verification can choose between delivery of documentation at a predetermined date by our customer; The possibility of designating one or more beneficiaries authorized to communicate the death of our client and finally, if you do not want to designate such beneficiaries, the possibility that we take care to make these checks periodically via e-mail. Visit our website, consul  your questions, and take the opportunity to open its basic or premium completely free and without commitment counts during the first 6 months.(

lendwishLast will management in lendwish

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