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Once you have created the ideal atmosphere by lowering the intensity of the light, looking for a pleasant temperature, playing sexy music, you should have oils and creams at hand. Warm up your hands and choose the area where you want to start your massage. Next detail the different erotic massages that exist:

1. Erotic massages on the head

The first thing your partner should do is lie down on his or her back, with your head resting on a cushion. In your case, get down on your knees behind him and start at the forehead, gently ruing your fingers from your nose to the hairline, alternating right and left hand. Repeat this movement about 12 times, varying the intensity of the pressure according to your partner's wishes. Finally, put your palms on their temples and hold the position for two minutes.

The caresses that you do in this type of massage stimulate the energetic center behind the forehead, what we call the "third eye". This way you will be able to relax the tension, relieve stress and a deep sense of well-being.

The best time to do erotic head massages is early afternoon. It is recommended to do it in a very soft way, as it will be the ideal preamble for another type of massage with more erotic load. Even if you don't have any experience, this massage is easy to perform, as well as fast, and will allow you to familiarize yourself with the mutual physical contact.

One of the things you should keep in mind is that the ear is an ultra sensitive and highly erogenous area and, once stimulated, sends an electrical impulse directly to the gut. Tickle him with your tongue or your breath. But watch out! Not everyone likes to get too close to his ear. So leave it at the first sign of rejection.

Erotic massage is the first preamble to a passionate sexual relationship, so it begins in the head and continues with other preliminary ones...

 500 days together. 1. Caresses and tickles all over your body while you undress.

2. Erotic back massages

It's time to practice what is known as Californian massage. Your partner lies face down and you lie at the level of his head, palms of your hands at the top of his back. Gently slide your hands up to your buttocks, doing a little stretching in the direction of your feet. Press the contour of your buttocks and slide your hands along the sides, then go up to the armpits, before gently pulling your shoulders up and back to the starting position. Repeat this movement by increasing the pressure at the same time. Don't forget to synchronize your gestures with your partner's breath: ascend when he breathes, descend when he expires.

With this massage you will make the muscular tensions fade under the effects of the surrounding movements. Another advantage is that this massage revives the skin's sensitivity. Your boy will be even more receptive to your caresses!

The best time to do an erotic back massage is after a hard day's work when you feel very stressed or tired. Relaxation and awakening of desire guaranteed!

3. Erotic massage on the chest

The "masseur" is on the right hand side of his companion, at the level of his hips. Hands should be on pectorals or breasts, wrapping them well. Then, proceed to make 3 circular movements: clockwise for the right breast, counterclockwise for the left breast and, while making these circles, move the breasts closer and further away. Then, slide your fingers from the nipple to the outside of the breast and gently knead the skin with varying pressure. To finish in a more erotic way, use your mouth and don't hesitate to kiss her breast directly. 

The chest and belly are among the most sensitive parts of the body, because the skin around the collarbone is very thin, so it is very receptive to caresses. On the other hand, for both women and men, the breast is a secondary erogenous zone that, once caressed, involves the excitement of the primary zones (sex organs).

The best time to do this type of massage is when you feel that your libido is at half-mast. 30 minutes of sensual massage on the chest should be enough to wake up the fiery lovers who dwell in you. Why not use a pen or brush to stroke your partner's chest? These aerial instruments will make you shudder with pleasure.

Also, keep in mind that well stimulated breasts can even make you reach orgasm. Twenty-four percent of the women surveyed stated that they can achieve orgasm by simply stroking their breasts. And, in any case, it's a great way to start a sexual relationship. After this massage I'm sure there will be a few cua

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